The Hollis Brookline Junior Cavaliers Football & Cheerleading Organization offers recreational teams for those individuals in Grades 1 through 8, Football and Cheer Camps for the Hollis Brookline, NH area.

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Updated as of 7/1/2021

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  We don't want to penalize parents financially. However, there are expenses that the HB Jr Cavs pay on your behalf that can't be refunded. If your child does not want to participate after the first practice, we can't give refunds. At this point, we have already spent the registration fee getting ready for the season and invested in the equipment, etc. Cancellation requests submitted to the President prior to May 15 will be granted a 100% refund. Between May 16 and the date of the first practice, a refund of the Registration Fee is available less a $25 administrative fee. There are no refunds after the date of the first practice and no refunds for clinic registration fees. Thanks for your understanding.

Q:  Are there try-outs to be a part of your cheer organization?
  No. All coaches will work with the team and position them according to skill and effort.

Q:  Is there an Age Requirement?
A:  Yes.  Each division is broken down by ages.  AYC Divisions:  Tiny Mites: ages 5-7, Division 8: ages 5-8, Division 10: ages 7-10, Division 12: ages 9-12, Division 14: ages 11-14, Division 18: ages 14-18.  HBJC divisions will depend on registrations.
Q:  What are skill levels for the cheer athletes?
There are four skill levels in AYC, level 1, 2, 3, and 4. The levels are for our athletes as they begin learning the basic safety and technical skills associated in cheerleading and then continue to follow a safe skill progression. The goal of cheer progression is to learn a skill, succeed at the skill, in hopes to begin learning the next logical skill that follows. One must master the basic skills then work toward next challenging skill. 

Level 1 is for teams with athletes and coaches that have little to no experience. This level is for Novice athletes and coaches. 

Level 2 is for teams with athletes and coaches where a majority of the team has mastered level 1 skills. This level is for Beginner to Intermediate skilled athletes and coaches.

Level 3 is for teams with athletes and coaches where a majority of the team has mastered level 2 skills. This level is for Intermediate to Advanced athletes and coaches.

Level 4 is for teams with athletes and coaches where a majority of the team has mastered level 2&3 skills. This level is for Advanced athletes and coaches.

Q:  When does the season start?
A: Cheer season practice starts the last week in July. The football game schedules & locations are decided by the Granite State Football League (GSFL) for our HBJC JV/Varsity teams and by AYF for younger teams. Typically the first game is at the end of August, and there are 4 home games and 4 away games during the regular season.  The number of games to cheer at depend on the number of football and cheer teams as well as dates of cheer competitions.
Q:  What is the Time Commitment?
A:  Our cheer season starts end of July and can run into early December depending upon the success of the teams. Practice begins during the last week of July/first week of August.  Prior to the start of school, there is a requirement of 10 hours of conditioning for every cheer athlete. Practices will be up to 4 days/week.  Once school begins, practice time is decreased to 6 hours a week, 3 days/week.  There are 8 games in the regular season, generally starting the last weekend in August. Games are on Saturdays or Sundays mornings depending on the football schedule. The cheer athletes are required to be at the game field one hour prior to game time. If a team makes the playoffs, there are additional games.  Of note, cheer competitions fall on Saturdays and the cheer athletes are still required to cheer for their teams if games are held on Sunday.

Q:  What do we bring for the 1st day?
A:   Shorts, t-shirt, tied sneakers, yoga mat or towel, and PLENTY OF WATER.

Q:  Where do we practice / what hours?
A:  All divisions practice indoors at the beginning of the season. The hours are generally 5:30 to 8:00 depending on the cheer division.  In the past years, we utilized HUES and HBMS as well at HBHS for indoor practices.

Q:  What do the cheer athletes do?
A:  Each team has a football team to support.  During each game, the squads do sideline cheers, jumps and may tumble and stunt depending on weather field conditions. 
Q:  How do we measure success of the cheer program?
A: Our success is measured in various ways. In the 11 years of the existence of the cheer program, we have had numerous placements at local competitions to include the tri tournament championship trophy, NH State Champions, NE Regional Champions and National Championship Title Holders.  We can truly measure the success of our program by the number of athletes returning each year.

Q: Do you have Summer Cheer Camps/Clinics, how much are they and when are they held?
A: Summer Cheer Clinic / Camp information will be announced as soon as the information becomes available but are usually held in June. Costs vary but each fee usually includes a camp t-shirt and expert instruction.  

**Refer to Cheer Handbook for further information which is located under "FORMS AND HANDBOOKS" on this website**